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"Be it a crisis due to unemployment, recession, divorce, or the coronavirus pandemic, a crisis is a crisis; you need to be prepared and switch to an emergency budget immediately." – Reshma Bhojwani


Having gone through several financial crises in her career, the 2008 recession, two divorces, and now the coronavirus pandemic, Reshma wrote this book to teach readers budgeting and financial survival skills during good and bad times. She instantly puts the reader at ease by sharing her life struggles as examples, along with providing simple, easy to follow hand-written sticky notes and straightforward action steps you can take right away.Many people stay stuck in transition due to a lack of financial security and not having their finances in order. The author walks you through the steps she took using money as a tool to transform her life. There is always a looming crisis on the horizon, so don't get caught off-guard again.


"Budgeting is not an afterthought; it's a lifestyle,” says Reshma.

Pandemic Budgeting & Finances: How to Use Piggy Banks and Stop Counting Sheep

  • Cover Art by Sakha Umrikar

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