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Our Vision, Mission and Philosophy


To be a global platform that empowers and nurtures creative talents from all backgrounds, providing them with the opportunity to share their stories and ideas through high-quality, diverse, and socially relevant books, thereby enriching the literary landscape and fostering cross-cultural understanding.



At AcuteByDesign, our mission is to publish high-quality, diverse, multicultural, and socially relevant books that transcend boundaries. We believe in the transformative power of literature and its ability to touch readers of all races, cultures, and religions.

We are committed to empowering girls and boys as equals in their abilities to dream, aspire, and achieve beyond their imaginations. Our books and illustrations serve as catalysts for inspiration, encouraging readers of all ages, from struggling communities to global societies, to dream bigger and envision a world of possibilities.

We strive to instill empathy in those who are privileged, reminding them that we are all interconnected in a shared world. By embracing our diversity and harnessing the collective strength of the AcuteByDesign family, we aim to be an integral part of the solution to the challenges that confront our global community.


The AcuteByDesign Family

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