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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services will you provide as my publisher?
    At AcuteByDesign we offer minor editing (grammar only - we expect our authors to come to us with a fully edited book), proof-reading, formatting, cover layout, illustrations (if needed) as well as the publishing. Your submission should be professionally edited prior to submission.
  • What will my royalty rate be and how often or when will I get paid?
    While AcuteByDesign fronts the cost to publish the book. We always try to maintain a good royalty for authors. Royalties vary based on the amount of work and effort put in by the publisher and author. For example, authors that provide their own illustrations will receive a higher royalty. That is because illustrations can range from $3,000-$6,000 and AcuteByDesign covers this cost. We only recoup costs based on books sold; so we are take a serious gamble that it will pay off in the end. When authors provide their own illustrations they will receive a larger royalty. However, each contract is negotiated and there is always room to discuss AcuteByDesign offers a yearly royalty paid out in Dec. Side note – author copies do not go towards your royalties.
  • Will I get book sales reports?
    Absolutely, along with sending out the yearly royalty report anytime you want to see your sales report we will send one over to you!
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