To submit your manuscript for consideration, please fill out the form below. Please keep in mind it takes time to review a manuscript as there is a team of people eager to get you started!

AcuteByDesign, (AbyD) is dedicated to providing new, emerging and under-represented writers, illustrators, editors, and social media marketers the opportunity to actually be!

We are growing so much that beginning in 2020, AbyD will be following a new submissions procedure. We are always accepting manuscripts, see below for our new schedule.

Reading and reviewing period

January - March & July - September

During this time, AbyD will read all submissions and provide feedback to authors

Authors will receive notification from AbyD if their manuscript has been accepted.

Publishing and editing period

April - June & October - December

**AbyD will still be accepting submissions during this time**

During this time AbyD will be editing and publishing accepted manuscripts

AbyD recruits from the ranks of those who wish to learn and grow in the publishing industry. We provide a platform for minorities, women, and others who are underrepresented in the world of publishing to be heard through quality publishing.

AbyD wants to help you create books so that the gift of literature can touch children of all races, cultures, and religions. We want our writers and illustrators to empower girls and boys as equals in their abilities to dream and to achieve as they have imagined. Our books and illustrations inspire children from struggling world countries to dream bigger than their circumstances while inspiring empathy in affluent children that we are in a connected world. We must all be a part of its solution.

Submitting a Manuscript


Before sending us your manuscript, please be sure to edit. 
If there are grammatical errors or plot holes, it will significantly lower your chances of getting accepted.

hat to include with your submission

The title of your manuscript, the author's name, a short bio about the author, and book synopsis.

For Children's book


Please send the entire manuscript.

For Young Readers and Adult Books (Chapter Books)

We prefer the entire book. However, we do request a minimum of 3 chapters.
How to submit a query

Please be sure to include the title of your manuscript, the author's name, and a short bio of the author.
What to include with your submission

Submit a writing sample of the book along with a synopsis of your book.

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