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At AcuteByDesign (AbyD), we're dedicated to providing new, emerging, and under-represented writers, illustrators, editors, and social media marketers the opportunity to shine!

Prepare Your Manuscript:

  • Polish your manuscript to perfection. Complete, well-edited, and proofread works stand a better chance.

Genre and Categories:

  • Clearly state your book's genre and categories. This helps us understand your target audience and marketing strategy.

Submission Format:

  • Send your manuscript digitally, typically in Word or PDF format. Make sure it's in a readable font and standard formatting.

    • Subject Line: Submission - Book Name - Author Name

Rights and Permissions:

  • Confirm ownership and any necessary permissions for copyrighted material.

Sample Chapters or Excerpts:

  • Include a taste of your writing style with sample chapters or an excerpt.

Response Time:

  • Be patient during our review process. We aim to provide timely feedback or a decision.


Submitting your book is the next thrilling step in your publishing journey. Follow these guidelines to streamline the process and increase your chances of success!

Best of luck!

Please send submissions to

Thank you,  
AcuteByDesign Publishing

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