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About AcuteByDesign

AcuteByDesign is a small publishing ensemble that started in a hidden small garage in the valleys of lower Fairfield County. We are now proudly located in Marlborough, CT. AbyD is dedicated to providing new and emerging writers, illustrators, editors, social media, and marketing wanna be's the opportunity to be! 

 Our concept is that "each one helps one!" So if you want to publish with AbyD, you must become a working member of an "ensemble" consisting of a project manager, editor, reviewer, social media, and marketing folks. 

You not only work on the production of your book but support the creation, review, and marketing of the books produced by other members of your ensemble. We encourage you to touch base with us and ask questions. This project may have been created just for you!


AbyD recruits from the ranks of those who wish to learn and grow in the publishing industry. We provide a platform for minorities and others who are under-represented in the world of publishing but embrace everyone into our tiny house. We work diligently to include artisans whose work reflects the diversity and multiculturalism of our world. Our ensembles create and embrace books so children of all races, cultures, and religions can touch the gift of literature. We want our writing and illustrations to embrace that our girls and boys are equals in their abilities to dream and achieve as they have imagined.

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