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As Black History month winds down to a close, let us ask you a question: Will YOU make history some day in the future…or even tomorrow?

Barack Obama, our first Black president, made history. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King made history with his stirring speeches and tireless work to improve civil rights for all people. But you may think to yourself that, perhaps, you’re not college educated and could never accomplish anything equivalent to what President Obama did. Or you may think to yourself that you have several college degrees and an impressive career, but you cringe at the prospect of public speaking and could never accomplish anything equivalent to what Dr. King did.

Then let us ask you if the name Rosa Parks rings a bell. An ordinary person with no stellar background, she nevertheless made history in a profound way.

If no occasion in your life arises for you to stand up against injustice in your area, perhaps you will write a book. It may not be anything groundbreaking; AbyD is proud of the books we publish, many (not all) by and/or about POCs.

One of our best sellers is Gilbert Campbell’s THIS IS MY STORY…IS IT YOUR STORY?, which speaks candidly and forthrightly about depression and suicide. Rev. Campbell may not ever become famous, but as an African American writing about a challenging and timely subject, he is doing something important and, in so doing, advancing the cause of equality.

Can you contribute to society and to the advancement of equality for POCs similarly?

Or perhaps you will find another route to making history—in however large or small a way—if not today then SOON.

Think about it.

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1 Comment

Michele Sharpe
Michele Sharpe
Mar 20, 2019

Excellent article Cynthia! Really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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