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How are you planning to honor MLK on his day? We here at AcuteByDesign suggest you honor the great man by doing something peaceful. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was, despite  his fiery rhetoric, inarguably a man of peace. And we here at AbyD are all about peace ourselves. We end our picture books with “Peacefully Yours.” When the publisher and the editorial director speak on the phone, we end our conversations with, “Peace out.” We try to live our lives peacefully. We suggest you do the same...every day, but especially on MLK Day.

So...what sort of peaceful acts can you engage in to celebrate Dr. King’s life?

~ Make peace with a neighbor, co-worker, colleague, or friend with whom you have had an unpleasantness or other disruption of tranquility

~ Join an organization that promotes peace, whether that is world peace or something on a smaller scale

~ Be a peacemaker. Mediate a dispute between two friends or colleages and bring about a harmonious resolution

~ Teach your children the value of peacefulness and encourage them to act peacefully at all times in their interactions with friends and others.

~ Act particularly peaceful as you go throughout your day

~ Do an act of kindness toward a person who is grouchy, grumpy, snappish, or surly, and see if you can help ameliorate his or her mood

~ Resolve to be more peaceful in your interactions going forward

Any or all of these will, we believe, suitably honor the memory of the Rev. Dr. King

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