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Our concept is that "each one helps one!"


At this time, we are not accepting new submissions.


We appreciate the enthusiasm and creativity of all authors

and hope you continue to explore the diverse and inspiring stories we publish.


Thank you for your understanding and support.

Coming Soon

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*Release October 2024

New Releases

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Transformative journey: Larry, bullied for his wild hair, finds confidence with help from a local legend
Experience the unconditional love of motherhood in 'Loved: A Mother's Celebration' by Raven Howell.


Explore the journey of a single man's determination to adopt in 'Adopting Anton' by Robert Klose
"Discover self-love through art in 'Eek! My Ink!' Embrace creativity and colorful imagination.
Dive into the magic of 'Just Indian' by Jackie Neypes. Explore ancestry, identity, and imagination in this captivating tale.
Explore uniqueness and empathy in 'Animals are People Too' by Laura Stroebel. Celebrate diversity with poems and illustration
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