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Danny Rosen learned at a young age that monsters were real, and nothing like the fairy tales. A series of events from his youth left him traumatised and haunted. To purge these twenty-year-old nightmares from him memory, Dann sets out to seek vengenace on those who have caused him so much pain. His plan - to make each person pay for their misdeeds against him, bringing a sense of justice to his life, and casting out the ghosts that lurk in the corner of his mind. Danny forces karma on the monsters, serving up just punishment, and showing each one the pain they caused him.


Determined to catch the kill,er, Danny is pursued by a frustrated homicide detective and a seasoned femail polic sergeant, who are unsettled by the gruesome, and often disturbing murders. Danny leads them on a wild ride as he eludes their chase, and brings his wrath down on the monsters of his past. 

You Made Me Kill You

  • Cover Art by Obayomi Aanuoluwapo

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