Nshira is a beautiful little Ghanaian girl, inside and out. She greets everyone with a cheerful smile and always minds her manners. She loves to dance beside her mother, mimicking the graceful steps of the antelope that rove near their village.


But everything changes for Nshira when a disease takes her beloved Maame, or mother. She is forced to serve an awful stepmother and stepsister who, over the years, turn her into the family slave.


When the village chief announces a party where he will choose a bride, Nshira longs to go – but is forbidden. Without a dress to wear to the party, how can she attend? She calls on the help of a few old friends in the village to hatch a plan.


Will she disobey the orders of her family and go out to meet her destiny?


This story, based on traditional Cinderella tales, takes a Ghanaian twist on the classic plot and tells a moving story while introducing kids to Ghanaian vocabulary, foods, clothing and traditions.


The story unfolds as elegantly as Kente cloth itself with elegant prose by Ghanaian writer Patricia “Norki” Nater and African-inspired artwork by Tyrelle Smith, who allows every bit of Ghanaian color, style, and glamour to fill the pages and delight your little ones.


A must for any multicultural bookshelf!

The Dance of the Antelope

  • For ages 5-10

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