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Vince Lowe was a friend to very few people and despised by many. He brought misery into many lives both intentionally and indirectly. The neighbourhood was tough and the streets were unforgiving. If anything unlawful was going on Vince usually had a hand in it. Then one day karma caught up with him. Someone from his past framed him for fourteen murders as payback for the misery he inflicted. After four years in the slammer, a crashed prison van set him free. He didn't know who did it but he set out on a vendetta of vengeance to get even. Anyone who crossed him in the past was going to pay the price. The detectives knew he was as slippery as they come and the victims were piling up. The clock was ticking and Danny Rosen knew it was just a matter of time before Vince narrowed it down to him.

You Made Me Kill You II

  • Cover Art by Obayomi Aanuoluwapo

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