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Chase has never been important. An orphaned street thief with deceiving charm never
expected his life to amount to much. But when he starts having mysterious visions about his past, he begins to uncover secrets about himself and his kingdom that will change his life forever. With his masterful swordsmanship and uncanny ability to steal nearly anything without being noticed, Chase sets off on a journey to find the object that will save the world from destruction—and perhaps explain why his parents disappeared all those years ago.

Tara has always been meek. Who could be anything else when their aunt has treated
them like a slave since childhood? Embarking on a quest with a thief to save the world is hardly the kind of thing she ever pictured herself doing, but her newly discovered Earth powers begin to change her outlook on her future and her abilities. As she and Chase grow closer and bring new people into their circle, Tara begins to believe that she may be worth more than cowering in shadows.

With a few other friends and many new foes, their journey takes them through fear, grief, and discoveries that will change the fate of their kingdoms as they go racing  through forbidden lands, battling monsters, and meeting the dark, twisted ways of death. Suspenseful, fun, and heart wrenching, “The Winds of Truth” will keep you on your toes until the very last page.

The Winds of Truth

  • Cover Art by Obayomi Aanuoluwapo

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