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No, like the title says, “Seniorhood isn’t for sissies.” Even if you have your health and all your own teeth, you might find night driving and playing horsie with your grandkids a real challenge (and yes, I am talking about the two-year-old and not the teenager!). If half the entries in your iPhone begin with “Dr.”…if you can remember what you wore to the prom but not what you had on yesterday…if you exhale with relief on reading the obits and not spotting any familiar names…if “a good night’s sleep” means not having to get up more than once to pee…you’re probably somewhere on the broad arc of your life known as “seniorhood,” not yet ready for the Shady Rest Manor but old enough to carry an AARP card.


Within these pages are mostly funny, occasionally poignant contributions from people whose ages are somewhere between “I’m not telling” and “Wow, can you believe I made it this far?!” Chuckle along with them as they recount not only the commonplace, such as misplaced keys and salt-free diets, but such oddities as chirping hats and misadventures on slides. If you’re already in your senior years, your laughter will be a knowing one. If you’re still in middle-middle-age, now you know what lies ahead.


Buy two copies—one for you and one for a friend. Or…wait…better buy three. If you’re already a senior yourself, you know there’s a good chance you’ll have to stop and ask yourself, “Now, where did I leave that book?” Better have a back-up copy on hand.

Seniorhood isn't for Sissies

  • Cover Art by Sangamitra Dasguta

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