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“Don’t you even have the slightest curiosity whether or not ghosts are for real?” 
The truth was I wasn’t sure what to think about ghosts. I personally had never seen one. I did very much, however, believe that there was an unseen world that existed very close to our own....

Molly Lewis, a music-shop owner in Old Town Albuquerque, takes a chance on dating a decade after divorce. During renovations of a fellow merchant’s bookstore, she and he discover a disintegrating carpetbag of letters written in the late 19th century and simply signed “M.” 
In the summer of 1891, Pilar Vega celebrated her quinceañera at her family’s hacienda along the middle Rio Grande valley. The youngest daughter of a wealthy landowner, the fifteen-year-old succumbs to the magnetism of her newly arrived neighbor, the son of a British cattle baron. His electric attraction to the raven-haired beauty is strong, despite the fact that he is a gentleman, the epitome of his cultured upbringing. However, with the arrival of Pilar’s sister from college during the holidays, his attention to Pilar shifts....
Separated by more than a century, two women are on a fateful collision course with history: Although living in different eras, Pilar and Molly share the universal struggles of rejection and unrequited love. Their lives become forever intertwined when family secrets begin to unravel, as Molly searches for the truth behind a grisly murder once lost to time.


Rio Grande Rhapsody


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