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Patchwork Blanket tells the tale of a baby sloth, and their biological mother. The mother sloth (due to a force outside of her control) is unable to provide the level of care for her child. While the child is in the care of their biological mother, they wonder why they are different from the others, and worry about the day-to-day. Through a process of seeking support in the community, the mother sloth is able to seek out a caregiver who is able to care for the young child safely, and to ensure the young sloth's potential to grow up safely. This story also uses a patchwork blanket as a symbol for the never-ending connection between a biological parent, and child. This symbol demonstrates that every child's story is different, and that it is never the child's fault that a biological parent is unable to care for them.

Pogo's Patchwork Blanket

  • Illustrated by Alana Goodridge

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