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The Last Drop of Sunshine

This book was written by my father years ago (I would guess probably about 20+ years ago). When he retired, something hit him to publish his written stories; hence the creation of AcuteByDesign.

This was one of the first books he published with AcuteByDesign. The Last Drop of Sunshine was my second favorite book of his as a child. I still remember the feeling of hearing it for the first time. Of seeing the characters vividly in my mind move from scene to scene. I enjoyed the type of loving atmosphere that is created. I use to have him read it when I was feeling down. Because it made me appreciate the effects a simple action can have on another person.

The main character shares her last bubble with a sick friend. This book resonates on so many levels of family, friends and love. Mike writes this story in a way that you can feel the emotions as you read. He has always had that ability to make you really become a part of the story. And it stays with you! Which may explain my innate desire to help everyone even if it detrimental to myself.

Even as an adult when walking by the bookcase of all the books AcuteByDesign has published; I will pick it up and read it. It has stuck with me all these years and think that everyone should have the opportunity to read it. I will admit that this book was published prior to me coming on as the Executive Publisher. Frequently I look at some of our books and think about what I would have adjusted. There isn’t anything I would have adjusted; it is perfect just the way it is.

I hope there is a book that sits with you like this one. That you enjoy no matter how many times you read it. A book that has helped shape the way you are like this one has for me.

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