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The Ladybug Who Lived On A Four Leaf Clover

Our newest book has taken off, and our heads are still spinning. Emily came to AcuteByDesign on February 2nd, 2022. After taking a read, I reached out and set up a time to meet. Emily and her fiancée Sam met me at a Starbucks in between where we both live. We sat and talked about the publishing process, her inspiration, and I might have shared with them my ladybug tattoo (which in no way influenced my decision *wink wink*). It didn’t take long to realize we were destined to meet! The similarities between us and the fact that we lost someone who meant the world to us made us fast friends. Emily quickly took the bull by the horns and ran the whole project. The majority of the process I spent trying to catch up.

Her book focuses on a young girl, Emily learning about the death of her grandmother. Then, a magical ladybug, Sheila, comes to Emily. Here the ladybug teaches Emily that even though her grandmother has gone to heaven, she is always with Emily. It is a beautiful way to explain or comfort someone who has lost someone.

Emily brought in her twin sister Haley, who illustrated the book. They both worked tirelessly over weeks to illustrate and collaborate on what the pages should look like. I would get emails at all hours of the night with questions or new illustrations that were being added. They both worked so hard that I want to offer them jobs with AcuteByDesign. Emily for her marketing and creative skills, and Haley for her illustrations and bringing such a beautiful book to life.

Originally we planned to have the book released in June 2022; in honor of her late grandmother Sheila. But destiny has a mind of its own, and we were ready by the end of April! Emily continues to be an inspiration, and she has already touched so many people’s lives with her beautiful book! The number of people who have contacted Emily and me has been overwhelmingly beautiful.

This book has been such a joy to bring to life! Every time Emily and I speak, we can’t help but smile and say, “Grandma helped get this done!” And it is so true because we were able to publish a book in less than 3 months (which is unprecedented in the publishing industry); the book is being so well received by everyone who reads it!

Recently, Emily and Sam came over to pull all pre-orders together and put hand written notes in each book. Not only have we brought to life this beautiful dedication to Sheila, but we have become friends.

There is no doubt that Emily and Haley will continue to succeed in whatever they touch. Their passion and love for their grandmother have been such an inspiration. If this book touches just one life positively, we have accomplished our goal. It is difficult dealing with the death of a loved one. No one is ever the same, but we hope this gives a small comfort. We hope that people can heal even a little bit by reading this book.

“The Ladybug Who Lived On A Four Leaf Clover” is now available in our bookstore and Amazon. Enjoy and wave at any ladybugs you might see; Sheila is always waiting to give someone comfort.

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