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Introducing Our Monthly Author Feature Series

This June, we're excited to unveil a new chapter at AcuteByDesign with the launch of our Monthly Author Feature Series. Each month, we will spotlight a different author, delving into their unique stories, creative processes, and the diverse themes they explore through their writing. This series is designed not only to celebrate these talented individuals but also to foster a deeper connection between authors and readers.

A Year of Literary Celebrations

Every month, we will introduce you to an author who has not only penned compelling narratives but has also enriched the literary world with their distinctive voice and vision. From children's book writers to thriller novelists, our featured authors represent a broad spectrum of genres and styles.

Live Events on Instagram

Highlighting the interactive element of our series, we are thrilled to announce that each featured author will participate in a live event on Instagram. Scheduled for the last week of their feature month, these live sessions will provide an intimate setting for fans to engage directly with authors. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions, gain insights into the authors' creative journeys, and discuss the profound themes within their works.

June's Featured Author: Raven Howell

Kicking off our series is the wonderfully talented Raven Howell, a celebrated children’s author known for her lyrical storytelling and engaging poetry. This June, join us on Instagram for a live Q&A session with Raven, where she will share her inspirations, talk about her writing process, and explore the themes present in her beloved books.

We invite all book lovers, aspiring writers, and literary enthusiasts to join us in this exciting new series. Follow us on Instagram to participate in the live events, and subscribe to our blog to get regular updates on upcoming features. Let’s celebrate the power of stories and the incredible people who write them.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to roll out this series, stay tuned for more announcements about upcoming authors and special events. Whether you’re a lifelong reader or someone looking for new literary adventures, our Monthly Author Feature Series promises a year filled with fascinating discussions, exclusive insights, and memorable interactions.

Don't miss out on this literary journey! Connect with us on social media, share your thoughts about the books, and help us spread the word about these amazing authors. Together, let's make this series a vibrant celebration of literature and creativity.


Stay tuned for more details, and get ready to dive deep into the art of storytelling with AcuteByDesign. We can't wait to share this experience with you!

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