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This is Thanksgiving week, and as we give thanks to our Creator for our many blessings, we also want to thank you, our readers and supporters.

Whether you are a purchaser of our children’s books or a reader of our books for adults, if you have bought one or more of our books, we thank you.

We especially thank all the people who have made This Is My Story, an AbyD bestseller. At this time of year, when most of us are filled with holiday joy, there is a segment of our population that is unable to enter the festive spirit. Author, Gilbert Campbell tells his compelling story detailing his battle against depression and suicide and its impact on his family and friends. If this is you, a friend, or a family member, there is help! Dr. Campbell found it. You can, too!

We thank the readers who recognized the exuberant spirit displayed in There’s a Tiger in My House, by Michael Sharpe, as well as our books Just Indian, by Jackie Neypes, and Dance of the Antelope, by Patricia Nater, and such others as Abuelita’s Tree and Moving Day for Alex, who see these books for what they are—an early introduction to multiculturalism through reading.

We thank the purchasers who recognize that not only is the protagonist of Heartfelt, the Special Reindeer, by Cynthia MacGregor, a female hero, she is also a “special needs” hero who, despite her physical setbacks, saves Christmas for a boy named James, for a lost puppy, and for Santa himself.

Other perennially popular book of ours are The Lost Bicycle and Beatrice and the POGs, both by Cory Hills, and we thank all the readers who have bought them, either directly from us or from the author in his reading tours around the country.

We thank the judges of the Faulkner prize, for which Cain and Abel by Wanda Coppedge is in contention.

We thank the writers like Peter Shore who trust us with their important books, as Pete did with Papa and Punchanella, to be publlished soon.

Thanks in advance to all the Boomers who are going to resolve on New Years to lose weight and will decide to do it sensibly with the aid of The Baby Boomers’ Motivational Guide to Weight Loss, by Scott “Q” Marcus and Cindy Marcus.

There is not room here to thank the readers of each of our books, but if you have bought any of them, we thank you.

As Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season, let us all strive to make peace on earth, among nations, neighbors, and within our families a reality.

Happy Thanksgiving,

The AcuteByDesign Family

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