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This week we celebrate not just Children’s Book Week, but the centennial celebration of that occasion. Yes, America first marked off a special week to honor children’s books exactly 100 years ago. (And did you know that Children’s Book Week is the nation’s longest running literary initiative?) The occasion is being marked in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, with more than 5,000 events at 1,300 participating schools, libraries, and bookstores.

Naturally, AcuteByDesignwants to honor this occasion too! After all, although we have expanded our offerings to include adult books, we started life as a publisher of children’s diversity books, and that remains our core mission.

It’s imperative that children have access to books and learn to read, and read successfully, and grow a love of reading. If they can’t read well, they won’t do well in school…and that’s only the earliest reason for the need for children to develop both a love of and a proficiency at reading.

Whether your child (grandchild, godchild, niece/nephew, special young neighbor) is an avid reader or a reluctant reader, encourage his/her reading habit by buying him/her as many books as fit comfortably in your budget.

That’s the best way to celebrate Children’s Book Week…and to keep celebrating kids reading all year round!

• • •

We think that we here at AbyD offer a great (and ever-growing) lineup of books for kids, from pre-readers (“Read me a story, Mommy!” “I want a bedtime story, Daddy!”) to early readers (“I can read this by myself!”) to more advanced books.

And we’re proud that kids can find story protagonists they can relate to on a personal level, regardless of their identity.

Stories by African American and Native American authors include: There’s a Tiger in My House; The Last Drop of Sunshine; When I Got a Sister; The Dance of the Antelope andJust Indian.

Stories with Hispanic themes include: Moving Day for Alex; Abuelita’s Tree, andAbela’s Adventure

Differently Abled/Special Needs? Heartfelt, the Special Reindeer.

Foster care, adoption, removed from the parental home and placed to be cared for by a relative? Papa and Punchanella.

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