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A Good Book is a Good Companion

If you are laid up in bed with either the flu or the coronavirus, or if you are self-isolating because you have been exposed to the coronavirus, you may find time heavy on your hands.

You may not be able to work away from your usual place of employment. And if you’re in bed, but your TV is in the living room, you may not be able to veg out on the tube. But why watch TV anyhow? Why not read a good book?

Here at AbyD we’re very aware of the value of a good read—and we believe we’ve published rather a number of them. Although we started out as a publisher of children’s books, we soon found ourselves offered a number of too-good-to-pass-up books for adults. We’d like to believe you will find them too good to pass up, too.

Our books for adults include both fiction and nonfiction, and both serious topics and light ones. In nonfiction, you’ll find offerings from the very serious topic of depression to a humorous look at reaching the age of seniorhood. And if you’re a Baby Boomer who wants to lose weight, we have a book for that, too, written with a light touch.

If you prefer to lose yourself in a novel, find yourself uplifted by Poor Pepe or gripped by Cain and Abel. If poetry is your thing, we’ve got you covered. Do you fancy a coloring book? We’ve even got that, too. And lots more.

So if you’re laid up in bed, or stuck in the house in self-isolation, make the most of it and read a good book—or several. (And if it’s your child who’s down with the flu or some other malady, have we ever got books for them!) Here’s a link back to our books page.Make the most of it!

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