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The legend of MeeCheli is the previously untold story of the first African American princess, born off the shores of Jamestown, Virginia. She came into this world on a Dutch slave ship in the Jamestown harbor as her father, King Ndongo, and his countrymen revolted against their captors. The princess, the new king, Kwami, and the Ndongo people escaped into the tall peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where they found a hidden passageway leading into a lush, sun-filled valley. It was there in secret on American soil that they rebuilt their African kingdom and lived in peace and prosperity for over 150 years before that fateful battle. The historic tale describes the climactic clash between the Ndongo people and a secret society called the 13 Angry Men, the precursors to the KKK, who swore an oath in blood that they would find and destroy the Secret Ndongo Kingdom.

The Legend of MeeCheli: The First African American Princess

  • Cover Art by Tyrelle Smith