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There are various reasons why parents may not be able to raise their kids—temporarily or permanently. The parents may be in ill health, fighting drug or other addictions, in jail, unable to provide a safe, clean home environment for their kids; they may exhibit poor parenting skills; they may be guilty of child abuse; there may be other reasons, as well.

In that case, if the kids are lucky, they may have caring grandparents who are able to take them under their wings and provide not just shelter but love.

AcuteByDesign is proud to be able to offer Peter Shore’s Papa and Punchanella, the story of just such a family, based on the author’s own experience when he and his wife took in their three grandkids on what was initially supposed to be a temporary basis but wound up with Shore and his wife adopting their grandkids and becoming their legal parents. (The author and his wife are still currently raising the kids.)

As Dean Poling notes in his review of Papa and Punchanella

(https://www.valdostadailytimes.com/news/local_news/papa-punchanella-peter-shore-with-illustrations-by-chip-williams/article_65f00d7f-7c03-5b6a-a9ed-4a806ccf1170.html), and as we here at AbyD already knew when we chose to publish this heartwarming book, the take-away from the story applies not only to situations with adoptive or fostering grandparents but other fostering or adoptive situations as well.

As young Punchanella and her two younger brothers adjust to life with Papa and Mimi, and as the kids’ own parents keep failing at their “homework” to learn to be better parents, a warm, strong bond forms, especially between the two title characters, whom the story focuses on.

We don’t need to issue a spoiler alert before telling you the story has a happy ending, with Papa and Mimi becoming the kids’ legal parents, and Punchanella, who has gone through a range of emotions depicted during the course of the book, joyous at the outcome.

This is a book that belongs not only in every home where grandparents are raising their grandkids, but in everyfoster or adoptive home.

And may we repeat that we here at AcuteByDesign are very proud to be the publishers of this important book.