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Do you have "2020" vision?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

We’re heading into not just a new year but a new decade. Do you have a vision for what you want to accomplish in the year ahead and, more broadly, the decade ahead? Here’s a suggestion: Don’t make any resolutions. Instead, make an action plan. Most people have broken most of their resolutions before the end of January anyhow, especially if those resolutions involve weight loss and/or regular attendance at the gym, or quitting smoking and/or any other unhealthy or unpleasant habit. So don’t make any resolutions you’re not positive you can keep…which basically translates as “Don’t make any resolutions. Period.” Here’s what I suggest you do instead: First decide what goals you want to attain in the year ahead, and in the decade ahead. Write them down—on paper or on your computer. Write them in list form, but if you’re writing them on paper, leave plenty of space between each item and the next one. Now, for each goal, one at a time, think about the steps you need to take to achieve that goal. It may be one step; it may be 10. Write each step, in the order you need to take them, under its respective goal. Now you have an action plan. You know what goals you want to accomplish and exactly what steps you have to take to accomplish each goal. If you’ve done this on your computer, save the document and print it out. You want to have a paper copy on your desk. (If you don’t have a desk, keep it on your dresser, where you can refer to it each morning.) Now, every day, look at your action plan and decide what you need to do that day to move yourself further forward toward one or more of your goals. And then do it! Congratulations! You have “2020” vision. You have a vision of how to give yourself a better year and a better future…and you’re taking steps to make it happen. • • • Of course we hope you’ll reward yourself at the end of a productive day by settling back and reading a good AcuteByDesign book. We have more and more to choose from…and part of our own action plan involves adding more adult titles to our list (along with more of the children’s books we first grew our reputation on). So keep checking back to our display of available books and see what’s new. And have a good 2020 and a GREAT decade!

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