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A letter to Santa

Dear Santa – Here is AcuteByDesign’s Christmas wish list. We have been very good this year. We have given a number of new authors the opportunity to get their first books published. We have offered the public a wide variety of books, mostly for kids but some for adults, and some for young adults, such as Poor Pepe, which is aimed at middle readers through aduts. And speaking of Poor Pepe, we are particularly proud of that book, because we hope it will provide a bridge of understanding between Latinos who crossed the border and non-Latinos. We gave you a bit of publicity too, Santa, with The Boy Who Didn’t Believe in Santa, a follow-on to Heartfelt, the Special Reindeer, although it isn’t necessary to have read the first book in order to enjoy the second. So we have been good this year and submit with hope the following wish list of what we want for Christmas and beyond: ~ More emerging authors whom we will be the first publisher to discover ~ More great artists whose work we will be proud to include in our picture books and on the covers of all our books ~ More books that will rack up significant sales for their authors ~ A blockbuster book or two, to really make AcuteByDesign stand out And Santa, finally, but perhaps most important of all: ~ Peace on earth Thank you, Santa, from all of us here at AcuteByDesign

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